Sunday 23 June 2013

Where there's muck there's ..........

You know the old saying; 'Where there's muck there's brass' or 'There's gold in them there hills'.  Well in my case where there's muck there's me putting it into bags for the allotment!

We have several farms in the vicinity of our house so every trip to the allotment now means stopping by a huge pile of well rotted horse manure and bagging up as much as we can fit into the car.

Mr R won't help me bag up the manure and is ready to laugh should there suddenly be a landslide and I get buried underneath!

Today we bagged up 6 bags ready to transport to the plot and most of these went into the new bed that we dug up today.

In order to cut down the amount of grass we have to dig through we have a couple of pieces of carpet and we rotate them around.  The piece that we moved today yielded a lovely patch which we dug up without too much trouble.  Tomorrow I will be putting in some tomatoes, peppers and chillis.

Apparently my courgettes are looking better than those on plots around mine. I think it is the tyres that keep the roots warmer and moister and being higher than ground level offers some protection from the elements.  Most garages or tyre centres will be only too glad to give you old tyres.

I finally got the water butt up there too so we are really starting to feel right at home!

Today's pickings included some radishes, mint for the Jersey Royal potatoes and the first pieces of Rainbow Chard.

There is still so much to do but no rush and with a bit of warmer weather I will be spending more time up there.

Monday 17 June 2013

Radishes the size of your arm!

We weren't able to get up to the allotment over the weekend so we popped up after work tonight.

I was afraid the slugs may have decimated my crop but was there and surprise surprise the bean seeds that I planted 10 days ago were poking through and so were the potatoes.

But the biggest surprise was the radishes! The row we picked a few small ones from when Boy G was visiting were HUGE!  I picked most of them and will finish off the row on the weekend.  Good job I have a couple of rows already planted behind this one!

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Can I pick these Nanny?

My daughter and two grandsons visited us last weekend to celebrate my birthday. We really know how to have fun, I introduced them to my new allotment.

Boy G (nearly 4 yrs old) was very busy helping grandad water things, collecting stones but he really got excited when he saw the radishes.  Can I pick these Nanny?  Just one or two I said. Well he kept on picking and having such fun I couldn't stop him.


It was OK to pick the radishes - they went well with our pic-nic later that afternoon.


Baby G (almost 10 months old) was having fun in the sun too!

The best bit of the afternoon came when Boy G crashed out and slept straight through till the next morning! Oh the wonders of fresh air!