Sunday 3 May 2015

Spring Activity and a local Thurnderstorm

Almost every weekend Mr R and I spend time up at our allotment, digging, weeding, expanding the beds and an endless stream of little jobs.

The fun starts however in the Spring when, after putting loads of organic compost and horse manure onto the soil, the bean frames are set up,
The leeks and onions are coming along nicely and
its time to plant!! We erected the vine arch and planted the red and white grape vines, one each side and if they do well we will plant a couple more.
But as you can see above the sky started to change to a really dark grey and all of a sudden the heavens opened and the sky rumbled and I made it to the shed.  Mr R managed to get into the car and nearly fell about laughing because I was stuck in the shed, thunder and lightening and heavy rains preventing me from making it into the car.

As quickly as the storm started the skies cleared, becoming a beautiful fresh blue and we carried on with the work.  The colours were so intense and the light magical, giving us a renewed purpose to carry on.
We are off on holiday tomorrow and the anticipation of how everything will have grown is immense - will my little seeds have started to produce the beginning of our summer-autumn food! Watch the blog to see the progress.