Tuesday 24 March 2015

And the season starts all over again!

Several times this winter Mr R and I have spent time over the weekends, weather permitting, working on our allotment, doing clearing up and other boring winter jobs in order to prepare for the new growing season.

We have been buying our seeds and getting ready to begin planting them in the greenhouse next month, visited The Edible Garden Show at Alexandra Palace for inspiration and tips but the biggest step we have made this year is having a load of horse manure delivered directly to our site!

Mr R hates me stopping to fill up bags of manure at farms and buying it in quantities at the garden centres can work out expensive.  Our allotment society arranges for a chap to deliver either half a load or a full load to individual plots and this year I decided to get it all in one go.
After several false attempts, due to weather conditions mostly and our plot is at the top of the slope, last Saturday we took delivery of a huge pile of poo!!
Those buckets and tires give a bit of perspective as to the size of the pile!

I love the earthy feel and smell of meadow and look forward to leaving it out for a bit more to rot down, eventually using it to help condition my soil and add nutrients.

Now Mr R (I have a bad back you understand!) will just have to move it to the other side of the plot so it is not in any one's way. I really must not laugh!!


  1. I can see your Rhubarb looking expectantly at that pile of poo...!

  2. What a great idea to get it delivered directly! Far more sensible.

    1. Stops Mr R complaining about the smell when I load up his car!!

  3. Oooo I do love a bit pile of nutritious poo! Hoping to get some soon myself too, and very eager to get out there planting...

  4. I just love the stuff and knowing what it will do for my soil!