Wednesday 15 April 2015

Easter Helpers - Poo Pile Moving

When you have a huge pile of poo to shift on your allotment get the family in to help.  Easter weekend we had my daughter and her two boys staying and with some beautiful weather we headed up to the allotment.

It is a great place to get some fresh air into everyone's lungs and build up an appetite. Faced with the prospect of moving the pile of poo on his own Mr R was more than happy when Caroline offered to help! Check out the rhubarb before a poo feed. Wait till you see it a few weeks later!
Beautiful, natural and organic!
Caroline came equipped with her wellies ready to help move the poo pile!
'Small' also called 'Me Too' wanted to help mummy with the weeding.
Let's get those onions weeded!!
What a surprise, the Easter Bunny made a quick pass over the allotment!
'Small' was so excited to have his own gloves and tools to help!
'Big' carefully packing up his gardening bag ready to put in the shed for the next time they visit.
Enormous appetites ready for Easter Sunday roast lamb dinner!

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