Saturday 16 March 2013

Weather Rules OK!

Very frustrating times at the moment as an allotment holder. When I am free the weather has been wet, windy and even snowy.  When I have been busy the weather has been cold but bright and sunny.
I really need to get up there and start clearing the rubbish and I want to get hold of the tyres I will be needing to grow my courgettes but for now I am left browsing through seed catalogues and planning what I will be growing.

At least there is lots to plan and get organised. I am getting my refreshment box ready to take up.  Camping gas stove, camping kettle (no I don't go camping but needed them for an event), jar of tea and one of coffee and a couple of cups.  That should, along with a couple of chairs, please Mr R anyway.  He always says digging is thirsty work!

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