Tuesday 12 March 2013

Welcome to my Allotment

When I used to live in my three bedroom family house I had a rather large garden and over the years learned to love gardening and making the most of my outside space.  Since I moved to my present house over 8 years ago I have missed vegetable gardening.  My current garden is great for growing flowers, BBQs, sitting on the decking but a bit too small for vegetable growing.

Almost three years ago I put my name on the list to get an allotment near our house and finally my name came to the top of the list.  As supermarket prices have risen there has been a growing number of people wanting to get out and grow some of their own food and many councils have cut plots in half as they became available so that more people could benefit.

I have been offered a half plot and to be honest I think I could have struggled to keep up and get the most out of a full plot anyway. My plot is at the top end of the space and on a corner with a fence so giving it a feeling of a bit more privacy.  Not much has been done over the past couple of years to my new plot so there will be a lot of digging and preparation needed before we start seeing gluts of courgettes etc!!

Mr R is tremendously excited at the prospect of digging! I am very keen on having good soil and will be spending a lot of time and effort on conditioning the soil. Over time you won't recognise the soil compared to what I am expecting to find when we start the transformation.

Underneath that growth there are some great blackberry bushes.
It all looks pretty bleak at the moment but I am excited to envisage how this will look this time next year.  There is a lot of work to do, loads of blackberries underneath the mess and loads of room to grow a substantial amount of our fruit and vegetables.
I am planning on spending a lot of time up there and including my grandchildren when possible, I want to rope off an area that they can grow or dig whatever they want when they visit.
I hope you will enjoy sharing the transformation with me and the recipes and dinners that I make from the produce which will show on my food blog.

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