Monday 8 April 2013

A busy weekend

The weather finally was condusive to doing a bit outside this weekend. Plus we had our grandaughter (Miss Small) visiting us for a couple of days. Miss Small loves being outside and also is the best helper around. Most of the days she had been with us were too cold but Saturday the weather improved and the three of us popped up to the allotment for a couple of hours.

Mr R set fire to the blackberry rubbish he had been clearing and it went up really quickly. Funny how men get that pyromaniac look in their eyes when they start a bonfire!

A whole pile of bramble bushes were swiftly reduced to a smoldering area. We made sure the fire was out before we left.

Check out that pyromaniac smile!!
We gave Miss Small a task to collect stones and she went at it like a stone collector possessed!

Miss Small was relentless in her stone collecting and had a great time outside in the fresh air.  She calls it 'Nanny's new garden'. As soon as she was on her way home in the afternoon she was sound alseep in a matter of minutes! You can't beat a bit of fresh air!

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