Wednesday 8 May 2013

A Little Bit Here - A Little Bit There

We spent a couple of hours up at the allotment today.  We are working on two seperate rectangular beds, getting them absolutely ready to sow/plant out in a week or two's time. 

My plan is to get dwarf french beans (both green and yellow), courgettes, peppers and chilli peppers as well as rainbow chard planted out first.  Once these have all been planted (some have been started in the greenhouse and some will be planted straight out) I will be a happy bunny.

Then we will start another couple of rectangular beds. All the digging over and sorting out will begin again. But it will all be worth it.

As my allotment hasn't had anything done to it in 3-4 years there is a lot to do but once we have turned all the soil over and got rid of the grass we will cover over with plastic or carpet to make sure it doesn't present the same problem next spring! I don't want to go through all that digging again!

Don't let Mr R tell you I work him too hard! Here he is enjoying a coffee break after the first hour!

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