Thursday 30 May 2013

WooHoo we've planted!!

Finally the weather seemed to be getting better and warmer and we began to plant the vegetable plants we had been growing in father-in-law's greenhouse. 

Bank Holiday weekend we finished adding organic matter to the main bed and planted the rainbow chard, some beetroot seedlings and filled the tyre towers with green courgettes in two and yellow courgettes in the third. I love growing courgettes in tyre towers, keeping the plants moister than on the ground and as they grow down the tower they don't tend to rot on the ground before you can pick them.

I have slightly overplanted the tyres but I expect there will be natural thinning out by the slugs!


We also planted the dwarf French beans both green and yellow. In the USA when I was growing up we just called them green and yellow stringbeans.

I put in the long row of plants that I had started off and then another row of seeds as a backup. There is also a row of rainbow chard which should, if it doesn't get eaten, do very well and last for ages.

The herbs I planted a couple of months ago are doing really well and the radishes are coming along nicely. I keep adding a short row of radishes every couple of weeks.

The red gooseberry bush that Thompson & Morgan sent me is growing at a steady pace and I am sure won't be long before it rivals the green gooseberrries we inherited with the site!

However as I write this it has rained for three days and I am praying that the slugs haven't eaten everything I planted before I get a chance to get up there with the slug pellets!!

There is still a lot of area to work on but we have loads of time.

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