Sunday 11 August 2013

Ruby Redcurrant Richness

We have been doing quite a bit of work at the allotment this weekend.  For starters we have cut back loads of trailers from the blackberry bushes which will allow us to pick them more easily in the next few weeks.  There are loads and loads of unripe berries just waiting to ripen and be picked by me!

On the way out Saturday I noticed a small sign on one of the plots.  'Help yourself to red and blackcurrants as our freezer is full'!  How nice.  Mr R was ready to go home so we didn't stop but I noticed that both the red and blackcurrants bushes were laden down with currants.

Today I brought a container and popped down to the currents.  The blackcurrants had been stripped from the bushes which didn't really bother me since I am not that fond of them.

The redcurrants however were virtually untouched.  I popped down to pick whilst Mr R was watering and in just a short time had a box full of ruby red juicy jewels!

When I got home I stripped all the berries from their stalks, washed them and let them drain and then weighed them.  1.5kg!!!

They are now in the freezer in four small bags ready to be used this winter.  I think I will pop some into my cranberry relish this Thanksgiving and any jam I make will get a handful to ensure there is pectin present.

I must pop into the supermarket and see how much redcurrants cost. I always like to know the extent of my bargains.

What do you do with currents, leave me a comment below please.  Thanks.

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