Saturday 3 August 2013

Veggies veggies everywhere!

We hadn't been to the allotment for about five days and during that time we had warm weather and a fair bit of rain.

That means only one thing - veggies!!!
As daughter and grandsons were visiting we made it a family affair!

Boy G helps me pick courgettes and helped Grandad with the watering whilst Baby G sat there looking cute!

The courgettes had been growing steadily but today WOW courgette explosion! 

We picked over 20 yellow courgettes (the green seem to have slowed down), loads of French beans both yellow and green, beet root, rainbow chard and runner beans!

The blackberries are ripening and will be ready to start picking soon, will be checking to see the jam jar situation in the shed!

Still so much to do but I love it there. Mr R is keener to go now as well and keeps referring to 'his potatoes'!

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