Saturday 28 December 2013

2014 Here We Come!!

Part of the fun this time of the year is thinking of all the great seeds to buy in readiness to plant indoors in preparation of the time to plant at the allotment!

For Christmas I got some funky seeds and plan to plant them to see what grows.  As I am also a writer of a food blog the idea of growing my own food is very exciting!

Have you ever seen purple tomatoes? Me neither - this should be fun!

I also got these great looking kits.

Cocktail Garden Kit has everything I need to get started with Mint, Lime Basil, Lemon Balm, Borage and two I have not heard of before; Agastache and Cucamelon!

Funky Veg Kit has Purple Haze Carrots, Yellow Courgettes, Striped Tomato Tigerella, Red Delucious Brussels Sprouts and Brightlughts Swiss Chard.

And finally the Hot Chilli & Sweet Pepper Kit contains Chilli Peach Habanero, Chilli de Cayenne, Chilli Pepper JalapeƱo, Sweet Pepper Corni di Toro Rossi, Sweet Pepper Etiuda and Sweet Pepper California Wonder!

Each kit contains starter growing pots, peat blocks, plant markers and full sowing and growing tips.

The kits are by Plant Theatre and are great gifts for those who love gardening like me.

I will of course document how I get on as the growing season progresses.

The kits and seed packets were Christmas presents and I was not obliged to blog about them!







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  1. I didn't know you had a gardening blog. Now I do! I have a packet of theose purple tomato seeds, which I was given by a friend. The blurb is all in Japanese, so I can't understand it. :(