Sunday 9 March 2014

First tasks

This time last year I was asking myself what on earth had I ever done getting involved with my allotment however today is our first day there for the season and it was absolutely beautiful day, the  sun was shining it was warm about 16°C.

We went up there with a few tasks in mind but first we stopped off at Homebase and I used my Christmas voucher and bought myself a little rotary push lawnmower which I've wanted for keeping the grass down around the areas we have yet to cultivate.  My two jobs for the day were to plant out the early potatoes and to plant at the raspberry canes, both of those jobs are done and a whole bed was forked over and fed some compost and some local horse manure. I gave it a quick once over with the new mower in between the veg beds which is going to make keeping neat and  tidy a lot easier.

I'm looking forward to really getting stuck in and growing all our vegetables for the coming season!

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